Resellers 4 Resellers Site Registration


This product is for ONE Resellers 4 Resellers Site Registration.  If you would like to sell on additional sites (maximum of 3), please purchase additional Site Registrations.

No product will be downloaded with this purchase.  Once we have received your order, we will create your custom license banner and email it to you.

**PLEASE NOTE:  You do not need to purchase a separate Site Registration for your Ebay and/or Etsy account.  The permission to sell on Ebay and/or Etsy and on ONE site is included in the purchase of the initial Resellers 4 Resellers License & Starter Package.**

Digi Resale Terms of Use for Resellers for Resellers Products

Reseller for Resellers products are to be sold by Digi Resale Licensed Resellers ONLY. As the purchaser of a Clip Art Collection or Printable Crafts Collection you have the right to resell the images in their current state. 

Each collection you purchase may be sold on up to three sites. The places you sell at may include your personal web site, your personal blog, Ebay, Etsy, or a multi-designer site. Each of the three maximum sites must have their own individual Site Registration. 

Credit must be included in each product description and a link to Digi Resale as Credit must be as follows: “Copyrighted Artwork by Digi Resale. Licensed Reseller #_______.”

Products may be sold as Commercial Use, Scrap for Hire, Scrap for Others, or Personal Use. Products may not be used for mass production, in the gift industry, commercial fabric production, software programs or publishing without written consent from Digi Resale.

Although we allow our Resellers for Resellers and Resellers products to be sold on multi-designer sites, we do restrict our resellers from selling on the following sites: Aimee Asher, PC Crafter, Daisie and Company, Scrap Girls, Commercial Use, Commercial Create, or Crafts U Print. If you have any question about selling on a site that you do not own, please contact us. This list may be updated in the future without notice.

It is required that you provide us with a current list of where you are selling Digi Resale products, including Ebay, Etsy, etc.

It is required that you display your Digi Resale Licensed Reseller banner with your license number on the main page of your web site. You may also include it in your footer, links page, credits page, etc., but it is required on your home page. Once you complete your Site Registration and provide us a list of where you will be selling our products, your custom banner will be provided to you by Digi Resale with your license number included.

You may charge as much as you like for each collection but each product will be marked with a minimum selling price that you may charge so that prices are not driven down in the industry. This makes it fair for all resellers.

We will include our sample in each collection. This sample must be used whenever the set is being sold or displayed.

 A Terms of Use file will be provided in each collection and must be provided and remain intact as delivered to your customers.

It is required that copyright information remains intact on each Printable Craft and Template. Removing our copyright information would be a violation of our terms of use.

All of our Templates (used to make Printable Crafts, etc.) are copyrighted and may not be used to make other printables or products.

All products must be sold in the same collection that you purchased them in.

All collection names and file names must remain intact and may not be changed.

All images must be sold in the same manner as you purchased them. They may not be re-colored, grouped, combined or separated.

 You are allowed to create transparent PNG or GIF files of the existing images to include in the collections if you desire.

Our products may not be used in any type of subscription club.

We retain the copyright on all of our products and reserve the right to use them in our businesses.

Terms of Use may be updated and changed without notice. Please make sure you read the Terms of Use prior to making new purchases.

Digi Resale Terms of Use for Resellers Products

The terms of use for all products in the Resellers category is the same as the Resellers for Resellers above with the exception that no product sold in the Resellers category may be sold to other Resellers. They may not be added to your Resellers program. The must be sold to End Customers ONLY.


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